To ensure your diamond ring remains as dazzling as the day you receive it, we recommend that you follow a few simple precautions.

Daily care

Your diamond ring is beautiful and you will want to keep it that way indefinitely. For this reason we recommend removing your diamond ring prior to any heavy buy Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 lifting or manual work thus prevent any unnecessary scratching of windows 10 key sale the metal and chipping or loosening of the stones from their settings.
Chemicals used in daily chores also have the potential to cause lasting damage to your diamond ring. Hairspray, furniture polish, bleach and chlorine to name but a few are examples of products to keep away from your pride and joy.


If you simply wish to give your diamond ring a quick clean, you can place it in a glass of warm water with a small amount of mild liquid detergent and let it soak for around half an hour. Brush gently with a very soft bristled brush to remove any residue before rinsing in clean warm water. Dry thoroughly and buff with a lint free cloth.
Over a period of time your diamond ring may become dull, scratched or tarnished. Your 300-209 70-243trusted local jeweller will be able to advise you on the best ways to restore your ring, or feel free to contact us for our recommendations.
If you prefer, you can send us your diamond ring for a routine clean and polish from our specialist at any time. Please contact us for details and prices of this service.


Diamonds are a famously buy windows 10 key hard stone. To prevent diamonds from scratching your other jewellery, keep your diamonds separated, in a jewellery box or pouch.
When removing your diamond ring, ensure it is put in a safe buy Windows 8 Professional Key place to reduce the risk being knocked or even lost.

Specialist Maintenance & Repairs

Even the most secure diamond settings can loosen over time. It is essential to have your diamond ring inspected by a specialist on a regular basis to ensure it is kept in prime condition.
Gold Is a very soft metal and will scratch easily. It is purely down to personal cheap Windows 10 Professional Key preference whether you prefer this worn, aged look or the appearance of a brand new finish.
If your jewellery has become worn and scratched through general wear and tear, we can have it polished for you at a competitive rate. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.
Rhodium plating will wear over time. Items in constant use and in contact with the skin such as rings will tend to wear more quickly due to friction than those worn less frequently buy windows 10 key or on different body parts.
You will notice when your rhodium plating begins to wear as your jewellery will start to look dull. If it is more heavily buy Windows 10 Professional product Key worn you will see the original metal under the rhodium plating.White gold will be less noticeable, however if the item plated was a yellow gold piece then this will show more obviously.
If you wish to have your diamond ring re plated with rhodium, your local jeweller can advise you on this. However, if you prefer to have the inspection of your diamond ring conducted by a Forever Diamond Rings specialist, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements

We offer competitive pricing on a full range of repair and maintenance services, including rhodium plating of any jewellery and checking diamond settings for wear or damage.

Through everyday use, every ring can become bent out of shape. Do not despair, we can return your ring to its original condition for you at a very reasonable charge. Contact us with your enquires.

If you have any items of jewellery which have either lost their sparkle, been damaged or simply need some specialist attention, we will go the extra mile and exceed your expectations. Our professionals have vast amounts of experience in this field.

Please contact us with your enquiries.

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