Set your budget

We all have dreams of owning luxurious and expensive things or living extravagant lifestyles, however most of these things may simply be out of our reach.


At Forever Diamond Rings, we appreciate how easy it is to get carried away when searching for the perfect diamond ring therefore encourage our customers to be realistic when setting your budget.

We have a wide selection of diamond rings in our collection, covering various diamond quality and sizes to suit all budgets. A detailed description and actual photos are supplied of every diamond ring on our site.

Purchasing a diamond ring is a substantial financial commitment and given the historic appreciation of gold and diamonds, often seen as a sound investment for the future. 
At Forever Diamond Rings we advise setting the price you are comfortable spending, prior to beginning your search.
If you are purchasing as a gift or for that special occasion, the diamond ring you choose will most certainly have sentimental as well as financial value.

 Overall Cost is usually determined by a number of factors.

Diamond quality and size

We have variety of diamond rings, covering many different quality and sizes to suit all budgets. A detailed description and actual photos are supplied of every diamond ring on our site.

Metal Type 

Gold and platinum are known to be highly precious metals with extremely high monetary values. Rhodium is a member of the platinum family and is one of the rarest elements in the Earth’s crust. It is an extremely expensive metal at approximately eight times more expensive than gold. 

We offer a wide selection of 9ct, 18ct in both yellow and white gold as well as platinum diamond rings which are certain to meet your expectations. We are also amongst the vast number of companies who use rhodium plating to either enhance or modernise the appearance of some diamond rings in our collection.
 We encourage our customers to do their own thorough research and to shop around before making their purchase. Compare our prices and you will appreciate the value offered by Forever Diamond Rings.


 In order to achieve a true comparison it is essential that you view identical pieces.


Do you have a style of diamond ring in mind or would you prefer to browse our collection for inspiration?


We aim to offer as many different styles of diamond rings as possible because we appreciate how peoples taste vary dramatically. Each and every diamond ring has its own, unique personality and beauty.
There are no two diamonds with exactly the same characteristics or appearance as they are all naturally formed.
Diamonds, gold and platinum do not age, trends show that they simply increase in value. Some considerations to make when selecting the style of your perfect diamond ring are.

 Modern| Antique| Half Band

Full Band |Single Stone|Multi Stone

In our collection you will also find pieces from early periods which have been modernised in different ways. Listening to our customers preferences has encouraged us to think outside the box with certain styles and finishes. Following outstanding popularity, we will continue to adapt this to more of our future diamond rings.



Every ring sold by Forever Diamond Rings is eligible for our free sizing service at the time of purchase.


Prior to placing your order, please remember to amend the size you require as we do not offer this free service at a later date.
If however you do choose to purchase your diamond ring at its original size and wish us to adjust it at a later date, we can do so at a competitive price. Please contact us for more information.
Please note that when adjusting the size of our diamond rings, we do not stretch the rings. We always choose the preferred method of either adding or removing gold or platinum as required.
If your chosen diamond ring is rhodium plated, we will repeat this process after size adjustment ensuring a pristine finish, as you would expect from Forever Diamond Rings.

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